TitoloCorrecting History
Campagna Correcting History
Cliente Campaign Against The Return Of The Marcoses To Malacañang (CARMMA)
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Trama philSept 23, 1972 - The Marcos dictatorship declares Martial Law setting forth the bloodiest era the Philippines has ever seen. They left behind a legacy that is marked by: 4,000+ extrajudicial killings 35,000+ torture victims 70,000+ human rights violation claims February 25, 1986 – The Filipino people had had enough and oust the Marcos family through the People Power Revolution. But by November 4, 1991 the Marcoses were allowed to return and quickly set out to regain the power they lost. And now – only 30 years after they were ousted – the 2016 Philippine Elections sees the Marcoses back to their former glory, with Ferdinand Marcos Jr. the favourite to take the vice presidency due to his popularity with a new generation: the millennials – 40% of the voting population.
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