TitoloSchool Hero
Campagna Everyday Better
Cliente Early Warning Services,
Marca Zelle
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Istituti di Credito
Filosofia The concept takes inspiration from retro yearbook photography. Using ‘double-exposure,' we showcase people’s inner monologues and thoughts when they receive a gift they don’t want, or when using Zelle would have been a better way for them to request or receive money. The creative highlights moments that appeal to this broad spectrum of people, tapping into occasions and cultural insights that everyone can relate to, such as graduation, birthdays, brunch, family reunions and paying rent. Zelle made a conscious decision to move from awareness-focused broadcast and digital advertising (Rhythm & Flow) to education- and usage-focused media more likely to appear on your laptop, tablet or mobile device (Everyday Better) is a highly strategic choice. Zelle appears online and in your mobile banking app, and the new approach helps users identify key moments where Zelle can help remove friction and tension to help them live their “everyday better.”
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