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Korte Prinsengracht 26
Amsterdam 1013GS
Telefono: (+31) 020 606 3580

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Competenze Principali: Digital, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Servizi di Marketing, Experiential, Branded Content/Entertainment, Ricerche di Mercato/Consulenza, Marketing Technologies / Analytics, Relazioni Pubbliche, Media Buying / Planning, Corporate Communication, Recruitment, Public Affairs, Eventi/Sponsorizzazioni, Branding / Product Development, Packaging / Design, Design, Visual/Sound Identity, Branding/Celebrity endorsement, Strategy and Planning, Healthcare, Finanza, Agricoltura, Industria, Tecnología, Servizi Online, Business to business, Politica, Pubblica Amministrazione, Distribuzione, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Travel and Tourism, Consumer, Bambini, Adolescenti, Seniores

Fondata nel: 2001

impiegati: 20

Creazioni: 12

Clienti: 17

Lemon Scented Tea

Korte Prinsengracht 26
Amsterdam 1013GS
Telefono: (+31) 020 606 3580
Gijsbregt Vijn

Gijsbregt Vijn


Telefono: (+31) 0206063580

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About Lemon Scented Tea

We are Lemon Scented Tea. We believe every strong brand has a great story to tell. A powerful story that touches the heart and is easily remembered. With the brand as the hero on a journey you simply want to follow. We bring this powerful story to life by creating and producing campaigns, storylines and brand experiences. All with the sole purpose of making your brand grow by making it consistently exciting. 


Our services:

Story creation

Based on a powerful story for the brand we create engaging & consistent advertising campaigns, content formats & digital experiences that people want to be part of.

Story editorial

Next to ad campaigns we produce yearround editorial storylines, for owned, earned & paid channels.

Story doing

We help our clients deliver on their promise by product & service development, brand experience support & activations.

Brand consultancy
By digging up old stories and interviewing employees & customers we find the brands DNA. With our Brand Hero Approach© we turn this into an engaging brand story. The creative compass for the brand and the organization. 


Inglese, Olandese
Filosofia e Vantaggi Competitivi

In today’s society it’s becoming more and more challenging to get noticed as a brand. Now more than ever it is key to make an instant emotional connection with your consumers to cut through the (digital) clutter. Not only by making engaging communication, but by becoming an engaging brand. But how do you make such a connection?

The Brand Hero Approach

Using stories to engage people is used from the Bible to James Bond. All these stories have one similar structure. There is always a hero, the hero fights to achieve a goal. He has various means to reach that goal. standing in the way of that goal is an adversary. Always. The adversary interferes with the hero and keeps him from achieving its goal. That's when things get interesting. That's when a conflict is born. This conflict is the true trigger for human engagement. But what works in fims -and games also works for brands. With the Brand Hero Approach we use this unbelievable power of story to create strong brands and produce fully integrated communication campaigns, editorials storylines and brand experiences. 

It’s simple, but also revolutionary! 

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