Campagna Freedom Is Basic
Cliente Hering
Marca Hering
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Settore Abbigliamento, Moda, Calzature
Trama In 2020, Brazilian clothing brand Hering is launching its platform to address women’s issues, framed within the concept “Freedom is basic.” To kick off these activations, the company has chosen International Women’s Day. The brand is introducing the #Strapless movement, which raises the matter of the structural sexism that persists in society, and in the fashion world as well. From now on, Hering will no longer refer to strapless pieces as tomara que caia, the traditional Brazilian expression that translates to “hope it falls down.” Moreover, the company will invite other brands and people to become more aware of the issue and encourage a broader discussion. #Strapless Launch Created by AlmapBBDO for Hering, the “Freedom is Basic” campaign will include a variety of projects and initiatives over the course of the year. On digital platforms, Hering will present special content focused on women’s empowerment and will encourage the public to reject sexist expressions that linger in our day-to-day. The brand will also launch the #StraplessTop, an exclusive style created for the initiative. The item will be made available for purchase at www.hering.com.br on March 8th, in a limited edition. All profits will go to the NGO Bem Querer Mulher, a program created with support from UN Women to help fight violence against women. Hering is also inviting everyone to strengthen the movement and interact by posting their own pictures wearing the top, along with the hashtag #StraplessTop. On March 3rd, the brand held a talk in partnership with Bem Querer Mulher and BAZAAR magazine, featuring major names in the fashion industry and prominent female leaders, to discuss behavior, trends, and gender roles in the fashion industry. The talk was structured along two main themes – “Freedom is Basic” and “Fashion Empowers”. The famous Brazilian actress Mariana Ximenes is on the cover of the special March edition of Harper’s Bazaar with the hashtag #Strapless. The publication has also committed to stop using the term tomara que caia.
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