Titolo1000 Day Program
Campagna 1000 Day Program
Cliente Nestlé
Marca Nestlé
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2020
Settore Varie
Trama From pregnancy up to 2 years (the first 1,000 days), the baby's nutritional needs evolve continually.  That is why we have developed with Nestle “The 1000 days” program, in order to offer parents all the necessary information about nutrition during this period and accompany parents throughout this whole changing and important process.
The program offers all the necessary information about nutrition from pregnancy to 24 months. In addition, it aims to solve the most frequent doubts about childbirth, breastfeeding, feeding, health and raising the baby. 
For this purpose, a whole digital ecosystem personalized for each parent was developed, where they could interact with nutritionists, doctors and educational content.
This program, which began in Spain, has been successfully implemented in 32 countries internationally. Through corporate campaign and creative strategy, the brand has been strengthened and its positioning in the field of nutrition and wellness.
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